Saturday, September 6, 2008


Celebrate that I am actually posting-ha!  We just got back from a wonderful vacation in Seattle.  I sure miss it there.  Beyond that, no excuses for not posting/creating lately...  Well, I have been terribly busy with my day job and Preschool is  starting next week for my daughter.  Good news though, I got completely inspired last night and began the task of re-organizing my studio/office.  Time to sort through all of my junk and organize for a more productive and inviting work space!  

This is a card that I made in July (!) for a 3-year old boy's Birthday.  

Thanks for stopping by!


Allison said...

Great color your DP (and it's nice to see you blogging even if it is two months late!).

Tami said...

This is very nice- I love the colors!