Thursday, October 4, 2007

Bad blogger & a broken USB cord :(

Hi! I have a few new cards to share with you, but I can't. I went to download my pics today and noticed my USB cord was bent and I couldn't repair it. I am hoping that my hubby can! Anyways, I hope to have this dilemma solved tomorrow.
In the meantime, I want to wish my fellow Canadian bloggers/readers an early HAPPY THANKSGIVING weekend! Enjoy your Turkey or Tofurky! :) I hope to take advantage of the long weekend and get a bunch of cards made!


malieta said...

The broken USB cord is a bummer, hope you get it fixed soon. I can't wait to see your new cards and Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Elizebeth said...

So, Im going to sound really stupid because I didnt realize that Canadian Thanksgiving was this early. Did it take you a bit to adjust having it before Halloween?
I like the shout-out for the tofurky! =)

Deborah said...

Hope Kev was able to fix you up! Miss your posts today! Mom

Flossie's Follies said...

Happy Thanksgiving, hope you get your USB cable fixed soon.

SpAzzGiRL said...

get a card reader, you'll be happy you did and they are cheap.
Can't wait to hear about the new xti accessories, I want a new toy!

happy belated bday you young thang!

Rose Ann said...

Oh dear..hope your DH can get your cord fixed for you! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Samm said...

Oooops!!! well hope you had a fabby weekend!!!